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Remember those in the #systemd wars that said "boot speed doesn't matter on servers"?

Here is one example from #lkml why they were wrong: #Microsoft is working on a #linux #kernel feature to reboot servers in <1s with the help of persistent memory (pmen):…

Interesting. I'm no fan of systemd, but I'd tend to agree that boot speed doesn't matter for servers. That said, on thing I've learned in my career is that if you can imagine an edge case, you'll find someone who fits it!

Always find an edge case: Sure. But sometimes these edge cases have wider impact than one expects; and sometimes they become more relevant.

But the main thing is: A quick boot doesn't hurt, so it's not an argument against something.

Boot time might not matter for servers, but for your desktop or laptop system it matters. It's a difference if the system is usable after 10 or 60 seconds (and by "usable" i mean after all the processes are started, not only the login is available).