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[bookmark=]If you're involved in fuzzing on any side (i.e. also developers) I highly recommend this talk about non-technical aspects of making fuzzing useful part of dev process ("ninja style" deployment, "that's not a bug", fuzzblockers, priorities, expectations).
I am guilty of all DONTs.[/bookmark]

[bookmark=]@dvyukov Instead, present an option that is so compelling and useful that anyone who did not take advantage of it would be wasting time and effort.[/bookmark]

[bookmark=]@dvyukov You don't approach it from a "we must get a mandate from above" method, that's not how successful open source projects work. To try to do that, would only result in resistance and avoidance as no one likes to be told what to do.[/bookmark]

[bookmark=]@hikik0 finished her talk about # and # interoperability at # minutes ago.

Slides now available:…

Don't miss her series of posts on the matter and stay tuned for other works with do at # in Open # !…


[bookmark=]Tomorrow, Eleni Maria Stea of @igalia will present a not-to-miss session on OpenGL and Vulkan interoperability at #. Be sure to catch it [/bookmark]

[bookmark=]reading the kernel gpg workflow "It is easy to create signed commits, but it is much more difficult to use them in Linux kernel development, since it relies on patches sent to the mailing list, and this workflow does not preserve PGP commit signatures." [/bookmark]

[bookmark=]The opening session of # is starting shortly! You can follow this and all of the talks via…

Tune in in ~25 minutes for an update from Iago Toral about the new open source # driver that # is developing for the @Raspberry_Pi 4!

YouTube: XDC 2020 - Day 1 - September 16, 2020 (X.Org Foundation)


The 2nd series to rework the # subsystem hit #-next and thus hopefully gets merged for # 5.10.

It's afaik the last big rework needed to finally enable PREEMPT_RT in mainline. For details see:…

See also:…

[bookmark=]Tomorrow at XDC 2020, be sure to catch Iago Toral from @igalia overview of the Vulkan driver for @Raspberry_Pi 4!

Find more information on this session and other Khronos-related sessions at XDC here: [/bookmark]

#: " [RFC]nvfs: a # for persistent memory"

"[…] small and fast fs that can be used on #-based devices. # maps the whole device into linear address space […] completely bypasses […] block layer and buffer cache […]" # #…

[bookmark=]In around 19 hours # will start! Entire conference will be live streamed on Youtube.
Day1 link already available:

YouTube: XDC 2020 - Day 1 - September 16, 2020 (X.Org Foundation)

# #XDC2020

[bookmark=]@shuveb wrote an io_uring.7 man page, it's just what I needed after a shitty day like today. As I've said before, documentation is a weak point of most open source, and I feel very thankful to have someone qualified help out in this area![/bookmark]

"Here we propose this patch series to make # run as the root partition [Just think of it like Xen's Dom0] on # Hypervisor. […] Microsoft wants to create a complete virtualization stack with Linux and Microsoft Hypervisor." # #…

[bookmark=]This Linus commit fixes a bunch of syzbot bugs.

"So rather than try to maintain a likely unused set of code, I'll just aggressively remove it"

The best way to fix bugs :)[/bookmark]

[bookmark=]Great talk about kernel idioms.
"Upstream priorities:

Maintainable code has less bugs over time, and therefore leads to correctness, and so maintainability is important."
Use the fallthrough macro, not a comment.

YouTube: Kernel Coding the Upstream Way - Tim Bird, Sony (The Linux Foundation)


[bookmark=]Okay, I'm going to do kernel coding again on Twitch tomorrow at 11am Pacific (1800 UTC). This time I think I'm going to poke at rebasing the stack offset randomization series against the new arch-agnostic syscall entry code: [/bookmark]

```This article introduces # storage concepts including disk images, emulated storage controllers, block jobs, the qemu-img utility, and qemu-storage-daemon. […] his article explains how things fit together. […] ```…


[bookmark=]# conference is starting this Wednesday! There is still time to register:…

# # # [/bookmark]

[bookmark=]Question for next ARM AMA at Linaro Connect:

What is a status of FOSS driver for GTX Mali G1080 Ti?[/bookmark]