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[bookmark=]I use a little helper script to "package" the kernel and easily send to the machines I want to test on. Today I was testing what compression algorithm would be better. IMO zstd was the clear winner. See…

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# suggest that the # v3 # code gets added to #-next:…

"[…] The one other thing I do want […] make sure […] there is no internal confusion about the GPLv2 inside Paragon, and that any legal people etc are all aware of this all […]"

[bookmark=]So excited to finally release my blog post- Kernel Pwning with eBPF: a Love Story. I cover eBPF, the verifier, debugging, exploitation, mitigations and other cool findings! I do root cause analysis and exploit CVE-2021-3490 for LPE with PoC included. [/bookmark]

"[…] The git bisect command helps you identify the first commit in a range that broke something. […] So I decided to see if bisection could help me, with the use of git bisect run, which enables fully automated bisecting […]"… (written by @geofft)

I have to say, git bisect (and its scriptability) to me is the most overlooked killer-feature of git.

[bookmark=]libinput 1.19 will have hold gestures thanks to @Jose__Exposito [/bookmark]

[bookmark=]This diagram is gold. Totally should be in kernel docs.…

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[bookmark=]Repeating it here:

Looking at just the last three years, there are 23 identified flaws with a CVE that mention "buffer overflow", and 11 are memcpy()-related buffer overflows.
...all 11 flaws would have been detected by the newly added run-time bounds checks, making ...[/bookmark]

[bookmark=]Want to become a Performance Ninja? 🥷

Check out my new FREE self-paced online course on low-level performance:

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# # 5.14-rc3 is out:…

"[…] After a relatively big rc2, things seem to have calmed down and rc3 looks pretty normal. […] There are still various discussions about a few pending issues still, but on the whole things are looking pretty good […]"

Wanna know what's in store for # # 5.14 (expected late Aug/early Sep)? Then check these # articles that are freely available now:

* The first half of the 5.14 merge window…

* The conclusion of the 5.14 merge window…

[bookmark=]After a month of reverse-engineering, I present documentation on the Arm® Mali™-G78 instruction set. Get it while it's hot 🔥 [/bookmark]

[bookmark=]All your software renderer anisotropic needs here![/bookmark]

All # and # # # series were updated today. You known the drill:

All users of one of these series must upgrade, as most of the time they fix security issues or problems – sometimes even severe ones [which is not pointed out explicitly].

[bookmark=]God-level Linux (>3.14) filesystem layer exploit by @qualys, "Sequoia: A deep root in Linux's filesystem layer (CVE-2021-33909)": [/bookmark]

[bookmark=]First results of adding Rust in the Linux kernel are promising[/bookmark]

[bookmark=]New Blog Post: GPU architecture types explained
GPU architecture types explained

[bookmark=]I can't believe it!😅
After more than a year of writing, I finally released my first book.🎉
Read it to understand your application's performance on a modern CPU and learn how to improve it.

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