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Didn't see that coming: Paragon sent an # Read-Write driver for the # # to # for review. They claims it's "fully functional" and "works with
NTFS(including v3.1) normal/compressed/sparse files and supports journal replaying". (1/2)…

[bookmark=]@axboe @vkoulk just told me that the search results have a number for result and pressing the number will move to that config option. I am very happy to finally realize I can do that!


@Thorsten 'the Linux kernel logger' Leemhuis(6/6) Na gut, das "immer" nehme ich mal zurück. 2004 hatte ich von der Abkürzung jedenfalls auch noch keine Ahnung. Aber seit ~2013 oder so benutze ich das Springen.
Bei hab ich dazu auf die Schnelle nichts gefunden.

Oh! Ich sollte tabs nicht allzu lange offen lassen ohne zu antworten. Danke!

[bookmark=]Hello, here's your favorite # conference . 🙂
You managed to max out registration _again_. 🙌

We've added a couple more _final_ passes just now.…

So hurry up! 😇
Final passes for sale for Linux Plumbers

Sasha Levin posted the first set of non-RFC patches that add the # virtual GPU driver to the # #.

From the first review reactions it looks like the code will need a few more iterations before it can be considers for merging…… #

If you see the headline…

# 5.9 Brings Safeguard Following NVIDIA's Recent "GPL Condom" Incident

…then do not believe it for now. The code might get merged soon, but until now it wasn't – and thus it's still possible that Linus might ignore or reject the pull. #

[bookmark=]Women in Tech: “Aptitude has nothing to do with gender or inborn capabilities.” Interview with Jessica Yu, Linux Kernel Developer at SUSE. # # # # #
Women in Tech: “Aptitude has nothing to do with gender or inborn capabilities”

JAXenter: Women in Tech: "Aptitude has nothing to do with gender or inborn capabilities" - JAXenter (Dominik Mohilo)


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[bookmark=]Degrees of Freedom: Booting ARM Processors

Any modern computer with an x86 processor, whether it’s Intel or AMD, is a lost cause for software freedom and privacy. We harp on this a lot, but it’s worth repeating that it’s nearly impossible to get free, o…
Degrees of Freedom: Booting ARM Processors

[bookmark=]I've got an idea.

Let's break heap spraying needed for USE-AFTER-FREE exploits in the Linux kernel!

Patch series:…

(Real kudos go to Kernel Address Sanitizer developers) [/bookmark]

[bookmark=]I've released man-pages-5.08. 190 commits, and more than 340 pages changed, based on input from just over 30 contributors. Summary at…; changelog at… [/bookmark]

[bookmark=]"tldr; do not fix lockdep false positives, fix your locking"[/bookmark]

[bookmark=]some thoughts about lockdep false positives and maintainable locking design [/bookmark]

```This posts provides a high level overview of the # (# data path acceleration) framework merged to the # # in March 2020. […] A "vDPA device" means a type of device whose datapath complies with the virtio specification, but […]```…

"[…] # traditionally uses compressed kernels. […] This is intended as a comprehensive rundown of how the # # self-decompresses on ARM 32-bit legacy systems. […]".…

[bookmark=]Introducing - Learn everything about eBPF

- Docs, Tutorials, Reference guides
- eBPF projects directory
- An aggregated blog
- Help in getting started with contributions
- Slack channel
- Open repository & CC BY 4.0


[bookmark=]There's now a BPF website with lots of resources! - Open sourced and licensed under CC BY 4.0 [/bookmark]

# 5.1 is out. Highlights include:

* x86: reduced virtualization overhead for non-enlightened Windows
* crypto: support for passing secrets to QEMU via # keyring
* qemu-img: […] support for #
* RISC-V: […] support for HiFive1 revB […]…

CVE-2020-8708, 8707, 8706

Remotely exploitable vulnerabilities in Emulex Pilot 3 Baseboard Management Controller firmware used on Intel products: USB mass storage emulation auth bypass, KVM console auth bypass and BMC Linux kernel remote buffer overflow [/bookmark]

[bookmark=]Linux Plumber's accepts its final Microconference!
Looking forward for the exciting discussions that Plumber's will bring out!
Toolchain Microconference Accepted into 2020 Linux Plumbers Conference