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[bookmark=]If you’re over 30, you’ll be able to hear this tweet …


[bookmark=]A little-known (and destructive!) feature of Flatpak: you can remove the data leftover from all apps that have been uninstalled with the command "flatpak uninstall --delete-data". By default, your user data is left untouched when you uninstall an app.[/bookmark]

[bookmark=]@acruiz @pid_eins systemd-nspawn is king. I use it for all kinds of stuff. Massively underrated.[/bookmark]

[bookmark=]The results are in! Our annual developer survey is here with insights from over 73,000 developers. From the most loved and loathed programming languages, how technologists learn to code, & what impacts developer productivity, read all the insights here:…


[bookmark=]To read more about this effort see our blog post at [/bookmark]

[bookmark=]With the recent retirement of Microsoft Internet Explorer 11, we analyzed Internet Explorer traffic trends. Breaking the traffic down by bot score revealed much of this traffic is “likely automated”. [/bookmark]

[bookmark=]Thunderbird 102 is now available! It's a SERIOUS upgrade loaded with highly-requested features:
📨 Brand New Address Book
📨 New Spaces Toolbar
📨 Import/Export Wizard
📨 Redesigned Message Header
📨 Beautiful new icons and & color folders

Read more:
Thunderbird 102 Released: A Serious Upgrade To Your Communication

[bookmark=]Notes on OpenSSL remote memory corruption [/bookmark]

[bookmark=]Hey keyboard pros: do you prefer to zip around Thunderbird as fast as possible? Check out this exhaustive list of keyboard shortcuts, which you can customize by OS and Thunderbird version!…

Thunderbird logo with Logitech keyboard. [/bookmark]

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[bookmark=]Periodic reminder that while @TheASF does a ton of great work, they are doing a shameful disservice to the OpenOffice userbase by not routing their users to LibreOffice (or downright transferring the domain and trademarks to The Document Foundation).[/bookmark]

[bookmark=]GNOME has a system to store sensitive secrets, and many applications use it!

- browsers (for saved passwords and cookies)

- GVFS (for saved passwords)

- SSH agent (saved passwords to auto-unlock keys)

and probably many more[/bookmark]

[bookmark=]WSL 2 distros are now supported on Windows Server![/bookmark]

[bookmark=]Finally watching The Boys and it's so, so funny that Jimmy Fallon plays himself in the pilot. The show couldn't be more clear that he and his ilk are vapid, empty vessels that lift up monsters and perpetuate the status quo and he's just like, "Yeah, totally! I love doing stuff!"[/bookmark]

[bookmark=]Sshfs Is Orphaned: Comments:… [/bookmark]

[bookmark=]The Boys subreddit is chaos right now. Threads getting locked, users rage-deleting whole accounts. It’s amazing. Right-wing users are whining about “no politics,” but it’s impossible to talk about the show without them now. Fans who thought Homelander was cool are in a meltdown.


[bookmark=]I wrote about the hot new list mode which is going to revolutionize the GNOME Files application with new features.

# # # #


[bookmark=]I wrote about communication styles and what I've learned since moving from Germany to Norway. [/bookmark]

[bookmark=]Finally Grafana OnCall is Open Source now! [/bookmark]