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Das heißt doch nur, dass systemd-networkd noch kein WPA2 kann, oder?

What's wrong with :!kill -9 $PPID ???

@knurd42 well, just erasing the commit message will abort the commit too...



I think unlike ARM, the other architectures mentioned in the article (MIPS, ARC and Xtensa) and some others (microblaze, nios2, openrisc, leon/sparc32, embededd powerpc) are facing a much more direct threat of extinction. They only exist right now because they are cheaper and more open or flexible than ARM, but RISC-V is better at everything they do.
Once all of those are eliminated, it will be fun to watch the three-way battle between x86, ARM and RISC-V.

The article also fails to mention that the phone market is 100% ARM based, and neither iOS nor Android are likely to change anytime soon.


Habe ich da nun ss übersehen in meinem überfliegenden Leichtsinn?

ich meine mich an einen tweet zu erinnern, dass ss noch auf ihrer todo-liste steht :-/
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"How does rootless Podman work?". @rhatdan writes: "[…] The #Podman tool is enabling people to build and use containers without sacrificing the security of the system; you can give your developers the access they need without giving them root. […]"