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"[…] If you have a fingerprint reader that's unsupported, contact your laptop manufacturer about them providing a Linux driver for it and point them at this documentation.[…] A number of laptop vendors are already asking their OEM manufacturers to provide drivers to be […]"





Fragmentation - no. Piracy killed the Linux desktop.

That may sound crazy but at the point it mattered there were three choices. Windows, Linux or pirate windows. For those without the cash to not care pirate windows won because compatibility and familiarity are so valuable to a consumer product. They wanted Windows at the Linux price.

Had Microsoft made Windows totally piracy proof they'd have lost - and they knew it.

Yeah, those are big factors, too. Another one was that MS made Windows really cheap for cheap HW when Netbooks came up, otherwise Linux might have ruled that market...

#Googleplus will be shut-down sooner than expected: "[…] With the discovery of this new bug […] shut-down of all Google+ APIs […] next 90 days […] also decided to accelerate the sunsetting of consumer Google+ from August 2019 to April 2019. […]"


BTW, you can follow all my six alter egos on networks like #Mastodon, #GNUSocial, #Disaspora, #Pluspora, and some others as well, as I'm on #Friedica; see or for details how to connect.


There is no thing as "local, trusted Network".

Quote from the post: "[…] Kaspersky is reporting on a series of bank hacks -- called DarkVishnya -- perpetrated through malicious hardware being surreptitiously installed into the target network:"

Includes "State Of Ceph, Sage Weil", "Managing and Monitoring Ceph with the Ceph Manager Dashboard, Lenz Grimmer", "Unlimited Fileserver with Samba CTDB and CephFS, Robert Sander", or "Practical CephFS with NFS today using OpenStack Manila, Tom Barron",

"Microsoft is officially giving up on an independent shared platform for the internet. By adopting #Chromium, #Microsoft hands over control of even more of online life to #Google."…

Goodbye, EdgeHTML