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[bookmark=]724 talks, 164 already has uploaded slides.

# is coming! Next weekend!

The only online conference I am waiting for.

My table for FOSDEM schedule has links to slides (and will list videos once available): [/bookmark]

[bookmark=]It took a while, but every piece required to make "hold" gestures work were merged: libinput, the Wayland protocol, wlroots, Mutter and GTK 🥳[/bookmark]

[bookmark=]Lol, I blogged about this polkit vulnerability in 2013:…. I failed to find an actual avenue for exploitation, but did identify the root cause. [/bookmark]

[bookmark=]Years ago, I gave up on Android because it didn't get frequent security updates.

It's 2022 and it's still happening, even to Google-made phones like the Pixel.

So one of my collegues is also saying "Goodbye, Android." [/bookmark]

[bookmark=]I developed a playground for systemd!

It allows you to learn about and experiment with systemd right from your browser!

Find out more in my blog post:…

# by # [/bookmark]

[bookmark=][Linux]Wayland was activated by default on Firefox Nightly (only) for eligible configurations last week. If you experience regressions, you may want to check dependencies if your issue was already reported. If it is not, please file a new bug, thanks! [/bookmark]

[bookmark=]We're excited about the first Git release of 2022! 🎉 Take a look at our highlights for what's new in Git 2.35.
Highlights from Git 2.35

[bookmark=]@FlatpakApps and @GNOME is pleased to announce that @codethink and @FlyingPiMonster started work this week on our Flathub app verification, donation & subscriptions project. Thanks to everyone who applied! [/bookmark]

[bookmark=]I for one welcome SUSE as another CentOS Stream downstream alongside RHEL, Alma and Rocky!

The more the merrier.[/bookmark]

[bookmark=]Today's releases of Flatpak 1.12.4 and 1.10.7 revert the changes made to the behavior of the --nofilesystem option, among other changes. It's a good idea to upgrade again, and upgrade to the new release of flatpak-builder as well![/bookmark]

[bookmark=]Ok technically my holiday has started, but I thought it'd be fun to do a @threadapalooza on programming and all the things I have thought about over the past year!

Let's see how close I can get to a hundred opinions and thoughts about programming & education! (1/100)[/bookmark]

[bookmark=].@BoxesGNOME 42 will ship with many UI updates. Our first alpha release is out with some of these improvements, including our new Preferences dialog.

This is work in progress but you can already give it a go by grabbing it from our nightly Flatpak repo 🚀


[bookmark=]WINE 7.0 released [/bookmark]

Die neueste Version ist inkompatibel zum neuesten MacOS grmpf

[bookmark=]Open Invention Network expands coverage [/bookmark]

[bookmark=]# 2022 is coming.

I generate table with talks and their slides/videos to have all available in one place. 2022 is now covered too.

672 talks so far, 85 has slides available already…

@fosdem # [/bookmark]

[bookmark=]I really wish @github would let you do per-commit approvals instead of only the whole PR.[/bookmark]

[bookmark=]Please take a look at this forum thread! Lots of ideas for how to grow the Flathub community, and whoever you are, your input or contribution is appreciated![/bookmark]

Yeah, # is nice and all, but one TV series IMHO did it even better nearly 30 years ago: "The Dinosaurs", which had a heartbreaking ending after 65 episodes with "Changing Nature":