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[bookmark=]It's so cool to see my @dell laptop bumping it's firmware triggered by fwupd under Linux. Thanks @hughsient for your work.


[bookmark=]openSUSE Leap 15.2 is here. Good stuff. Good quality. All free.

This is what I install on friends' personal systems. 👌🏽[/bookmark]

[bookmark=]So much coming in Thunderbird 78 (our next stable release). It's going to be massive upgrade.[/bookmark]

"[…] compatibility layer is designed to emulate the # RESTful API […] closely emulate the response from Docker […] a ‘–remote’ flag has been added to the # binary to allow it to act as a remote client […] Auto-update […] # Integration Improvements […]"
[bookmark=]Official upstream announcement about # 2.0. Big news about RESTful API and lots of other cool features. We will have lots of followon blogs on these features. @redhat @ibm @openshift [/bookmark]

[bookmark=]Whoa! A proper story of SIGSEGV! Are you still shouting "A.OUT"?[/bookmark]

[bookmark=]Create Your Own # Rolling Release with "Rolling Rhino" Tool…

‘Rolling Rhino’ Lets You Create Your Own Ubuntu Rolling Release
# #Ubuntu

Thought "hey, that must be a recent article Goggle lead me to" after reading "[…] At this point in world history, diving into the rich world of fictional dystopia seems like an exercise in masochism. […])".

Turns out I'm wrong. It's from Aug 2019. :-/…

[bookmark=]openSUSE Leap 15.2. Next week. Good stuff. Good quality. All free.[/bookmark]

I finally released version 0.9.0 of my # # # benchmark:
[bookmark=]#, the # # compile #, version 0.9.0 is finally out:…

Kcbench basically downloads a Linux version, extracts it, creates a configuration, before it compiles a kernel while measuring the built-time. (1/3)


[bookmark=]Cilium 1.8 has been released! 🎉🎉🎉
* XDP Load Balancing Support
* Cluster-wide flow visibility
* Better policy visibility and control
* Performance optimizations
* Making more functionality iptables-free
* Native Azure IPAM
* Initial ARM64 Support
* ... [/bookmark]

[bookmark=]Why do people write "please correct me if im wrong.." ?

This is Twitter, someone will correct you even if youre right.[/bookmark]

# 3.2 is out.

"[…] addition of zstd and lz4 compression algorithms […] heuristic that picks the best compression option […] Added the ‑‑atimes option […] Added ‑‑open-noatime option […] Added ‑‑copy-as=USER option […]"…

"[…] most people, when their video call stutters, blame their Internet service provider. […] However […] the culprit has turned out to be their wifi. […] Most Bluetooth headsets introduce around 150-300ms of latency […]"

Text can also be found here:…
[bookmark=]Wireless is a trap: [/bookmark]

[bookmark=]dlg@ changed sys/net: add wg(4), an in kernel driver for WireGuard vpn communication. thanks to Matt Dunwoodie and Jason A. Donenfeld for their effort. it's at least as functional as the go implementation, and maybe more so since this one works on more architectures. i'm sure...[/bookmark]