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In case you are already looking for a Christmas gift for yourself: # #

[bookmark=]Remember 'Uncle Roger' making fun on the the rice cooking technique from a BBC host(¹)? He and the BBC host now met at her place and she cooked her own variant of Egg Fried Rice under his surveillance (and in front of a camera): [/bookmark]

[bookmark=]This video of Joe Biden prompted me to take a look at Presidents and their relationships with bikes. This thread will go in reverse order for each President back to the invention of the bicycle.[/bookmark]

[bookmark=]lol people changed their branch name from “master” to “main” and thought they were done[/bookmark]

[bookmark=]Glad to see very positive results from our @openSUSE # 15.2 Retrospective:… To sum it up in one quote: You people have got it right. Linux is no longer for geeks. It is smooth, slick and fast.
Thank you @openSUSE community & users! # [/bookmark]

[bookmark=]Ancient sysadmin wisdom:

Draconian policies such as “all production changes require VP approval” can be overturned within hours by following them to the letter.[/bookmark]

Dear VP. The loadbalancer reports backend X failed. 1/4 of all customer requests fail now. Please approve switching backend X out of the loadbalancing rotation to mitigate this impact on customers.

How to I configure bird to ask for approval for each of the 750,000 routes coming in from the internet? Individually?

[bookmark=]Major love and respect to the Polish MP’s who co-ordinated their outfits to create a rainbow flag at the swearing in for their homophobic president Andrzej Duda 🏳️‍🌈


[bookmark=]Critical PGP bug just disclosed: if an attacker responds to an encrypted message with "This doesn't decrypt for me, could you try without PGP", the sender will be unsurprised and provide the attacker a copy of the encrypted message in plaintext[/bookmark]

This has been known to work since 1998!

Clearly, users need a security patch.

[bookmark=]LibreOffice 7.0 is here! And it's packed with new features - along with improvements to performance, compatibility and usability. Learn all about it, and download it:…

Announcement of LibreOffice 7.0

[bookmark=]Ok cat’s out of the bag: @IanColdwater you inspired this logo!


[bookmark=]Remember 'Uncle Roger' making fun on the the rice cooking technique from a BBC host(¹)? The BCC did an interview with him and the host and the two plan to work together for one gig:…

(1) aka "THIS RICE COOKING IS A HATE CRIME":[/bookmark]

[bookmark=]A consistent theme has emerged from my interviews with @RedHat's @LiliCosic, @awscloud's Madelyn Olson, and others: as open source contributors, they code as individuals, not as companies. This isn't news to anyone familiar with @TheASF principles, but it's news to some.[/bookmark]

[bookmark=]Our friends at @openSUSE have been long-time supporters of our annual contributor event. #

We are floored to also welcome @datto, @TheASF, and @Spigot_MC as new sponsors this year! Thank you! ❤️[/bookmark]

[bookmark=]Yay! systemd v246 released! Finally! So much new stuff! So much wow! Yippieh! [/bookmark]

[bookmark=]God I wish there was an easier way to do this


[bookmark=]Video: "PipeWire: The New Multimedia Service, Now Ready for Automotive", presented by Julian Bouzasr at the # + # Virtual Experience. # # # # #