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[bookmark=]When the free software movement started to make headway, proprietary software companies like Microsoft went to war against it, describing the licenses at its core (like the #) as "viral licenses" to scare companies off from using free software.


A scales of justice; on the high pan, a hacker in a hoodie, their face replaced by a Vizio logo; on the lower scale, Tux the Penguin; in the background, a washed out and blurred image of a mass demonstration whose participants are raising their fists.<br /><br /><br /><br />Image:<br />Nathan Keirn (modified)<br /><br /><br />CC BY-SA:<br />[/bookmark]

[bookmark=]The cherry on top: every Windows machine now has two Linux systems. The year of Linux on the desktop is not only here, it came in duplicate.[/bookmark]

[bookmark=]As somebody who does Open Source for a living, I sympathize with license enforcement. I am am a hacker though, I like to hack, not to be involved in legal stuff. The approach SFLC found here to sue from a consumer rather than a producer perspective is a fantastic hack around this[/bookmark]

[bookmark=]This is a pretty big deal - it's an attempt to enforce the terms of the GPL without requiring that action be brought by the copyright holders. If successful, it means that anyone who buys a GPL-violating device could force the vendor to provide source (and potentially damages)[/bookmark]

[bookmark=]We filed suit as a purchaser of TVs to stand up for #. There was no source or offer for source even after we'd been working w/them for a long time on older products. Copyleft can help us take control of our tech in a meaningful way, it's a huge benefit to consumers.[/bookmark]

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[bookmark=]We filed a lawsuit today against Vizio because they fail to fulfill even the basic requirements of the #. You can check out the complete materials here: [/bookmark]

[bookmark=]The OpenBSD project celebrates its 7.0 release!

See what's new here:

Read the announcement here…


[bookmark=]Happy 42nd birthday to The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy.


[bookmark=]People often ask if the @OMicroos Desktop is ready to be a daily driver.

I've honestly still been using traditional @openSUSE Tumbleweed for work and play even though the (best supported) @gnome MicroOS is BETA

No more. I now ONLY rock @OMicroos on all desktops and servers :)


[bookmark=]Started dogfooding the Wayland session on NVidia driver today. Be aware that we will keep defaulting to for Nvidia binary driver users in Fedora WS 35, but you will now be offered to log into the Wayland session too. @fedora # # #


"[…] Quadlet is a # generator that takes a # description and automatically generates a systemd service file from it […] In practice you don’t need to care about the generated file, all you need to maintain is the container file. […]"
[bookmark=]Check out quadlet:[/bookmark]

[bookmark=]Next FOSDEM: 5 & 6 February 2022 [/bookmark]

[bookmark=]Who's NGI?
This week's blog features Thorsten Leemhuis @kernellogger
automating # # regression tracking
supported by @NgiPointer
Read more about his achievement, energy and passion:


[bookmark=]A preview of WSL inside of the Microsoft Store is now available for Windows 11 machines! Check out the blog post below for all the details on what that means:
A preview of WSL in the Microsoft Store is now available!

[bookmark=]We have been silent for too long. Apologies for that.

FOSDEM 2022 will happen on the weekend of 2022-02-05 & 2022-02-06.

We have been trying to plan since August, but finding consensus on what we can do is taking more time than anticipated.

Sorry, and please bear with us.[/bookmark]

[bookmark=]To inspire the younger generation to #, the # is organising the coding competition ‘Youth Hacking 4 Freedom' (#) for teenagers. The winners receive a cash prize and a trip to #


[bookmark=]For the wider English-language audience: Jörg Schilling, the author of cdrtools (open source CD/DVD writing), later involved in @OpenSolaris and standardization within @TheOpenGroup has just passed away yesterday. He will be missed![/bookmark]

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