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/me wonders if the samba folks have this feature on their roadmap (a quick internet search didn't turn anything up).

See also:…
[bookmark=]Warp speed ahead! Compression is here – the game-changing Server Message Block (SMB) feature is now available on Linux through Fusion File Share!… # # # # # # #

Tuxera first to bring SMB compression feature to Linux environments

Tuxera: Tuxera first to bring SMB compression feature to Linux environments - Tuxera (Tuxera)


Argh, today is not my day: took me one and a half minute and then google's help to find the error in a command like this:

{echo foo; echo bar; } | grep -v baz

/me grumbles


There is a space missing :-/

[bookmark=]Tiger Lake-U completely removed support for S3 suspend. This means that the OS requires absolutely all devices to have firmware support for low power states and up to date drivers installed for it to be able to suspend with S0ix. It is far more effort and far less resilient :-([/bookmark]

[bookmark=]I wonder when people will realise that running out of date software is never more secure, stable, or reliable.

The logic that leads people to think “Open Source is great because 1000s of people work on it, but I want to ignore everything they did for the last 3 years” baffles me[/bookmark]

[bookmark=]The Pfizer and Modena vaccines were both effective, protective and safe. But the Oxford one seems to be effective, protective, and safe.[/bookmark]

[bookmark=]Huang: Evaluating Precursor’s Hardware Security [/bookmark]

[bookmark=]Vulkan Ray Tracing final specifications have been released, beta drivers & initial tools are shipping, and support will soon be added Vulkan SDK. Developers are encouraged to use these final stable extensions.
# # # [/bookmark]

[bookmark=]My latest cartoon for @newscientist

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[bookmark=]I recently released my book which I decided to make free from the very beginning. Many people wondered why am I doing this. They said:

"You're giving a year of your efforts and time for free."

I justified my decision and shared my thoughts on this:…


[bookmark=]LOOK at that graph! Well done @gnomealex and all the other contributors building this.

The golden rule is that open always wins!…

Scaling Flathub 100x

[bookmark=]Been a while - I discovered a shell injection in ImageMagick. Fixed in the latest release :)… I have no cool name or logo :/ [/bookmark]

[bookmark=]Ever wondered what it's like to write a technical book?

My latest blog post details the experience from start to finish.

💡➡️📚 [/bookmark]

[bookmark=]I just learned about a new level of not understanding open source

"our packages are in $distro"

"where, I didn't find them?"

<provides link starting with linux-ftp.$ ...>[/bookmark]

[bookmark=]youtube-dl repository restored at GitHub [/bookmark]

[bookmark=]So... no, I do not think email, mailing lists, IRC are ancient and should be abandoned. Do you know what sucks? We wasted all this fucking time building hubris-fuelled incompatible walled gardens trying to stake a claim and cash grab rather than allow people to communicate[/bookmark]

You can't even get mad about that.

What is dearly missing in GPL licenses is an implied feedback incentive. Imagine every user writing a one-liner along "useful, thank you, good work, here I added a few lines in section so and so" (the more specific the better maybe).
Github and such make that easier, but it still is entirely optional. My guess, with tons of good feedback those few ill-directed requests could be much easier to bear.