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[bookmark=]Apparently some/many/most powered USB C hubs with Ethernet are causing serious problems when not connected to a computer. This is such an amazing interaction of various standards.


[bookmark=]an absolutely incredible twist in the John Deere DRM saga[/bookmark]

[bookmark=]PipeWire: Bluetooth® support status update - Bluetooth® A2DP audio has now been qualified on the # using PipeWire & WirePlumber. Here's a look at where things stand, and what comes next: # # # @BluetoothSIG @OnDeck


[bookmark=]This is terrible advice. SELinux is the reason why most of the container escape vulnerabilities had little impact on RHEL. Learning to deal with it properly is just a matter of investing a couple days, heads down, reading about labels, contexts and the related tools.[/bookmark]

"History shows us that those who oppose cooperation have eventually ended up losing."

@jpakkane in "Of snaps and stratagem" about Canonical and Snaps vs. Flatpak, Mir vs Wayland, Upstart vs systemd, etc.

[bookmark=]The irony here is that becoming the philanthropic mission of some billionaire could be their best opportunity at being sustainable without ads, and to stop losing market share against Chrome and derivatives.[/bookmark]

[bookmark=]Study for best font for online reading: no single answer [/bookmark]

[bookmark=]What should the @gnome Foundation do with its instant messaging platform? Use IRC? @matrixdotorg? Both?

Our community has spoken, and the result is pretty clear! [/bookmark]

[bookmark=]This must be a bad joke. There is nothing "simple" about Snaps and we are moving away from them for exactly that reason.
Ubuntu Founder Explains Why Distro Won’t Support Flatpak

[bookmark=]This is what DJI’s Drone-ID packets look like. every drone broadcasts this data all the time.
we managed to receive + decode the packets over the air. no encryption. (we saw some confusion around that before)


[bookmark=]How the right-wing turns an unpopular position into a cultural stronghold:

First, start with a position that most people would disagree with and that they can't possibly defend in the public square, like "No one should be allowed to be openly gay."[/bookmark]

[bookmark=]I work as a security engineer at one of the larger financial tech companies and my hobby is writing about digital security. I was still only a whisker away from getting credit card-scammed. Here's how. [/bookmark]

[bookmark=]An update is available for Lutris with Flatpak! This will let you install Lutris on Deck without disabling the read only filesystem. Make sure to install required dependencies, as Flathub beta cannot pull deps from Flathub. [/bookmark]

[bookmark=]Debian Project Leader Election 2022 Results [/bookmark]

[bookmark=]For thirty years, Germans lectured Ukrainians about fascism. When fascism actually arrived, Germans funded it, and Ukrainians died fighting it.[/bookmark]

[bookmark=]For any non-Germans scratching their heads after the # non-statement:
1. No, nothing was lost in translation. He had nothing to say
2. Yes, that was bizarre even for # standards. He’s lost the plot
3. Yes, we are starting to freak out over here, thanks for asking[/bookmark]

[bookmark=]The still unannounced flaw so far only known as CVE-2022-27774 has been present in curl code for over two decades.

What's that saying about many eyeballs again? =)[/bookmark]