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One thing I like about #Gnome: Its developers think about all those little and easily forgotten details and make sure the desktop gets them right – like in cases where someone secretly connects a different or additional keyboard.




"[…]The flatpak commandline tool in 1.0 is powerful without being overwhelming (like git) and way friendlier than some other tools[…] But we can always do better. For Flatpak 1.2, we’ve gone back to the drawing board and did some designs for the commandline user experience[…]"

Wondering what the #Flatpak contender #Snap is working one? Well, looks like the made "publication of Qt and KDE applications easier and faster both" and managed to put a complete Plasma into a snap (tech preview for now).


TIL: when #gnome is running in #wayland mode you can to a three finger pinch to open the Activities Overview, and four finger up/down to switch the virtual desktop. Neat!
@knurd42gnome if only I could do 3 finger horizontal gesture to tab switch in Chrome.


"[…] Give DRI apps access to more nvidia device nodes required for CUDA/OpenCL support. […] New property 'non-interactive' for installations […] New conditional extension download feature, 'on-xdg-desktop-FOO' which downloads when XDG_CURRENT_DESKTOP matches FOO. […] "



AMI joins the LVFS:…
@hughsient writes "[…] AMI is the world’s largest BIOS firmware vendor […] like #Tuxedo get LVFS support almost for free […] Also, expect another large vendor announcement soon. It’s the one quite a few people have been waiting for."


"[…] You can now install Steam for Linux in #Flatpak; […] Steam itself and any games you install through Steam running in Flatpak will be restricted to a very limited environment. Instead of having access to your entire system and all your files, games will be limited to […]"