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[bookmark=]Red Hat opens the door for both VMs and containers in its latest OpenShift release via @ZDNet & @sjvn

Use # to manage both VMs and containers Sure, says @RedHat with @openshift [/bookmark]

[bookmark=]There are a lot of ways you can # to # in the next few weeks. Read this article in the # Magazine to learn how to help with # for #, #, or the 5.11 #:
Contribute at the Fedora Audio, Kernel 5.11 and i18n test days

[bookmark=]We're extending no-cost # Enterprise # to # organizations with the latest announcement of # for Open Source Infrastructure. Learn more about what is currently available:


[bookmark=]Really cool! #, #, and # on the International Space Station! The New Space Age: IBM Develops A Unique, Custom Edge Computing Solution in Space [/bookmark]

[bookmark=]Sharing supplemental groups with Podman containers via # by @rhatdan [/bookmark]

[bookmark=]An overview of the # contribution process from the FOSDEM # -[/bookmark]

[bookmark=]Upgrading from # 8 to # 8 just got easier. We've reduced it to two simple commands.

dnf swap centos-linux-repos centos-stream-repos
dnf distro-sync

I recorded a short @asciinema recording to demonstrate the process.
CL8 to CS8 upgrade

[bookmark=]At LVC20, keynote speaker Peter Robinson explains "Why standardisation on the Edge is critical for success". Check out the slides and session video here:…

@RedHat # # # # # [/bookmark]

[bookmark=]2:45 PM (CET) | RHEL Kernel Workflow using GitLab | Session Room 2

Join us at:…[/bookmark]

Ha, locked myself out of @discord, the chat for @devconf_cz: they forced me to enter my phone number, (which is didn't like at all, but gave them); removed the number from my account after the confirmation, but then they immediately forced re-confirmation, but that fails now. :-/


And with that my grant plan to use # # on my new # notebook for day-to-day use just died. :-/…

[bookmark=]Friday at @TomasTomec @bstinsonmhk and @carlwgeorge will be presenting "Consuming CentOS Stream".…

Image/Photo [/bookmark]

[bookmark=]What do users think of the new #? @ThePhilD delivers his take in this new post: [/bookmark]

So what should I answer?

Yes, the move was badly communicated, but I like # Stream concept and that you can get a few RHEL licenses for free now. And the times are changing anyway, relying on really old operating systems that hardly change more and more feels wrong to me.


[bookmark=]Background on the GNOME UI changes coming in Fedora Workstation 34:… # # #
Shell UX Changes: The Research

[bookmark=]I love @fedora moving all of their repos from master to main/rawhide naming, it's a small but important step for an inclusive environment, but holy hell my muscle memory is going to take a while to catch up![/bookmark]

[bookmark=]Someone is complaining that moving to memory-safe languages for cryptography is bad because it broke their ia64 builds????

Free advice on how to fix your ia64 problems:


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[bookmark=]Check out this Magazine article to learn how to run Fedora on your @solid_run # workstation:… # # #
Fedora Aarch64 on the SolidRun HoneyComb LX2K

[bookmark=]“Facebook runs CentOS on its server fleet, and offers Fedora (and soon, CentOS) as supported Linux distributions on laptops and desktops.”

I think I will listen to that. [/bookmark]

Kudos to whoever fixed it, much appreciated!
[bookmark=]To whoever writes these posts that show up on # #: If you want me to read them, either make the RSS feed include all text or write something in the first few sentences that makes me go 'I want to read more about it, I'll click on the headline'.