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Gave up on using # 8 for my refurbished home server and will use # instead.

The reason: Too much software I need is not available in # :-/


Had one of those "maybe I should just use Debian instead" moments again.

I'm setting up a new home server with # 8 and the second package I wanted to install (znc, an irc bouncer) is not available in # :-/

Centos8 in general is not great right now when it comes to packages.

That's mine. For my slidedeck as well as slides and videos of many other great talks held at the # on the fringe of this years # see…

Seldom l accidentally stumble about bug report comments like this(¹) that make me quite happy, as they show: yes, maintaining # # vanilla package repositories for #(²) is worth it, as there actually are people out there that seem to use its RPMs. (1/2)


The # # 5.5 that was released earlier today () is now available as RPM for # 30 and 31 in the stable branch of my Kernel vanilla repositories. For details on how to install it with just two commands see…