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[bookmark=]New blog. TON of new features in RHEL 8.3. Podman 2.0, a Docker compatible API, new container images for Podman/Buildah/Skopeo. I'm very excited about what these features mean for OpenShift and RHEL. Container Tools in Red Hat Enterprise Linux 8.3


[bookmark=]and (personal comment/opinion) Software Collections is/was a better option than Modularity .... /now disappearing under a rock[/bookmark]

[bookmark=]It's been a while, so time for an update on our efforts on conscious language in open source projects. Diverse communities are strong communities. [/bookmark]

[bookmark=]I wrote about the work I've been doing with @NVIDIAEmbedded on the Jetson Nano # devices to improve support for general purpose Linux distributions, in particular @fedora. More news to come soon!
Installing Fedora on the NVIDIA Jetson nano

[bookmark=]If you want to run CentOS in #, I made a git repo with directions, along with the kickstart I used to build the image. [/bookmark]

[bookmark=]# 8.3 is now generally available on Red Hat Customer Portal for all customers with active # Enterprise # subscriptions. You can access and download here: [/bookmark]

[bookmark=]RHEL8.3 has been released. I am excited to announce that the first release of podman-2.* for RHEL. Now the APIv2 is available to RHEL users/customers. Love to get your feedback. @RedHatSummit @openshift @ibm[/bookmark]

"[…] Red Hat Enterprise Linux (RHEL) version 6 will enter 'Extended Lifetime Support' in about 30 days […] All # builds for EL-6 will be 'stopped' on December 1st. […]" # #…

[bookmark=]Red Hat is announcing Red Hat Enterprise Linux 8.3 will be releasing soon! New security capabilities, performance monitoring, easier management and more. Press release: (…) and What's New in RHEL 8.3 here (…) [/bookmark]

[bookmark=]Good news procrastinators! The deadline to submit your proposals for # talks, workshops, meetups, booths and contests has been extended to next Friday, November 6. Don't postpone it any more, check and submit it now. #


[bookmark=]Big news! Fedora 33 is officially released!
Fedora 33 is officially here!

[bookmark=]OpenShift 4.6 is now GA! Come see what’s new! [/bookmark]

[bookmark=]Fedora 33!
Fedora 33 is officially here!

[bookmark=]You can help # the integration of the latest 5.9 # in Fedora during the Test Week, which starts today! Read more here:… # # #
Contribute at the Fedora Test Week for Kernel 5.9

[bookmark=]🙌Hey @fedora developers, contributors and friends.

Don't miss your chance to be a part of the # 2021! Submit your idea for talk, workshop, booth, meetup or contest today. All levels of experience welcome.

# is open only until Nov 1st!