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[bookmark=]We do our best, but we could always use more docs writers. See how you can contribute to # docs at…[/bookmark]

[bookmark=]# closes in one week!🙀

# 2022 will be a hybrid event with both virtual and in-person presence. Submit your idea for a talk, workshop, or meetup while you still can and become part of this #-driven event:


[bookmark=]First published article! - How disagreement creates unity in open source via @opensourceway [/bookmark]

[bookmark=]When working with #, the latest @llvmorg is often needed to take advantage of some features. There have been nightly apt packages for a while, but now we also have nightly snapshot builds of LLVM available for Fedora! Great work by @konradkleine! [/bookmark]

[bookmark=]Tell me you work at Red Hat without telling me you work at Red Hat:[/bookmark]

[bookmark=]Now available, # Enterprise Linux 8.5 Beta is full of improvements, new features and is easier for # users to access and test out. Get the details:


[bookmark=]Quality is a result of process, not a result of lack of change. As a CentOS user, I was pleased by moving resources to CentOS Stream, and I see it as a win for CentOS users and a win for RHEL customers.[/bookmark]

[bookmark=]An interesting report from CERN.

"we now have months of experience running production workloads on CS8 without any significant issues"

"Rate of change (system updates) are not as scary as we initially thought"

"CS8 is now a recommended operating system for new installations"[/bookmark]

[bookmark=]Now, if only we can get folks to stop saying "bleeding edge"... [/bookmark]

[bookmark=]Did you miss # or is there a talk you want to watch again? All of the recordings are now available on our YouTube channel! [/bookmark]

[bookmark=]If you missed Nest with Fedora conference then now you can watch talks!
Nest With Fedora 2021 recordings now available!

[bookmark=]Guess what today is. No, not that. Nope, that's not it either. Okay, I'll tell you. It's # Linux 35 Beta release day!…

Announcing the release of Fedora Linux 35 Beta

[bookmark=]Just published a rather lengthy blog post about Fedora Workstation and our vision for the Linux desktop. Hope people find it interesting -
# # # # # # @fedora[/bookmark]

It's that time again: # once again is doing the right & reasonable thing by preparing the jump from # 5.13.y to 5.14.y in # & f33. This will bring security improvements and new drivers to users as regular update – something a lot more distributions IMHO should do.

[bookmark=]We just created a twitter account for the Fedora Toolbox project, be sure to follow it for latest news on Toolbox at @containertoolbx # @fedora #[/bookmark]

[bookmark=]This week is the # kernel 5.14 test week! See… for information on how you can help.

Contribute at the Fedora Linux 35 Test Week for Kernel 5.14

Reminder: The Fedora # # 5.14 Test Week started yesterday! For details how to help see…
[bookmark=]Show off your skills and contribute to the Fedora community, all at the same time: Contribute at Fedora Linux 35 Audio, i18n, GNOME 41 , and Kernel test days - Fedora Magazine

Contribute at Fedora Linux 35 Audio, i18n, GNOME 41 , and Kernel test days

Fedora Magazine: Contribute at Fedora Linux 35 Audio, i18n, GNOME 41 , and Kernel test days - Fedora Magazine (Sumantro Mukherjee)