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No, not tired, I simply run commands like ```dnf install '*bin/foobar' ``` or ```dnf install 'libfoo(x86-64)' ```

Happy Birthday CentOS!…
@rbowen writes: "[…] Today, #CentOS turns 15 years old. It’s had hard times and good times, and gone through a number of big changes over those years. We feel that we’ve landed in a really great place over the last five years […]"
Happy Birthday CentOS!



Managing #RHEL 8 from your Mobile Device with the Web Console aka #cockpit:…
"[…] now compatible with mobile browsers […] In this post, we are going to show how […] to manage your RHEL 8 systems while you are mobile […]"





That's Brno University of Technology, right? I studied there :) Gonna watch.

Slides (some things were not readable in the video)