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[bookmark=]EPEL9 launched five and a half months ago. Today, @RHEL 9 was released. In that time EPEL9 has grown to 5764 packages (from 2678 source packages) built by 249 different @fedora packagers. 📦🎉🤩[/bookmark]

[bookmark=]HATS OFF to Red Hat Enterprise # 9! The latest major release of # is now available for download. Check out the announcement and links to additional information:…


[bookmark=]I think some of the most meaningful Free and # contributions from folks who work at Red Hat aren't embodied in software.

It's in the people who learned how to help create and maintain communities that gather around the code. [/bookmark]

[bookmark=]Guess what! The Red Hat Enterprise # 9 launch is right around the corner. Go check out our launch video for all you can expect with the lastest release of #: [/bookmark]

[bookmark=]You've been waiting, well, wait no longer! Red Hat Enterprise # 9 launch has been announced! Go check out the announcement and stay tuned for more information on our latest version of #! [/bookmark]

[bookmark=]# Linux 36 is here!…

Fedora Linux 36 default background with the text "Fedora Linux 36"
Announcing Fedora Linux 36

[bookmark=]The world runs on @RHEL. See how we're celebrating 20 years of innovation and imagine what the next 20 years will hold, all on the blog: #


[bookmark=]# Linux 36 release candidate 5 is go for launch! It will be available on Tuesday 10 May.[/bookmark]

[bookmark=]For folks using @Fedora Linux, this is not true. Fedora packages the latest Rust compiler and updates the package shortly after a new release is made.[/bookmark]

Straight from "how to write confusing # spec files":

- define two variables with similar names holding slightly different content (red)
- define a variable used only once to assign its content into another (blue)
- don't use the a variable when you need its content (yellow)


[bookmark=]Get ready for that Friday release feeling.

We've release a new switcheroo-control that makes the "Launch using Discrete Graphics Card" work for Vulkan apps. Available as a test update for Fedora: [/bookmark]

[bookmark=]"This allows to turn on/off all hw implementations for a specific video codec across the tree."

Guess these changes merged to # master mean support for some video codecs will soon be disabled in # distros that fear patent cases (like Fedora).…


[bookmark=]Some things are worth the wait. We still have a few important bugs to fix in # Linux 36, so we hope to bring it to you on Tuesday 10 May.…

In the meantime, you can install the F36 Beta release and help us test. [/bookmark]

[bookmark=]There are now more source packages in EPEL 9 than there are in CentOS Stream 9 (even before release). h/t @carlwgeorge # # # #[/bookmark]

[bookmark=]Looks like TheReg noticed the awesome work @martinezjavier from my team at @RedHat is doing in DRM upstream and @fedora on the simplification of the grpahics stack. [/bookmark]

[bookmark=]Fedora not deprecating legacy BIOS - yet [/bookmark]

[bookmark=]If you love #, consider yourself invited to the Fedora Linux 36 release party 13–14 May!…[/bookmark]

[bookmark=]Check out this vintage #. Which was your first install? Let us know⬇️[/bookmark]