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[bookmark=]And already available for people to use in @fedora 34 on #, the entire distro was built with @gnutools GCC 11[/bookmark]

[bookmark=]I documented getting @fedora 34 Workstation for # with @gnome 40 up and running on the @thepine64 #
Fedora on the Pinebook Pro

[bookmark=]Learn how to build a # based # using # in this Magazine article:… # #
Configure WireGuard VPNs with NetworkManager

[bookmark=]25 million words. 341 languages. 2,000 words translated every hour. This was just for #.

We ship a lot of software and packages. But @fedora ships way more than just code! # #

Screenshot from Fedora 34 Release Party in Hopin. Presenter Jean-Baptiste Holcroft shares statistics and metrics about localization efforts in the Fedora Community.[/bookmark]

[bookmark=]oh look ! Just announced on centos-devel list :… : first composes for upcoming # Stream 9 available .. (testing purposes only, nothing signed and first iterations) .. # [/bookmark]

[bookmark=]Exciting things are happening with @CentOS Stream. I especially wanted to show off the installer artwork in action for #. Thanks @AlainReguera for making this look great


[bookmark=]This is the breakdown of Fedora Linux 33 systems by variant. (Obviously I need to do a little work on the colors -- workstation is the big block). This is persistent systems (installed for more than a week)...


[bookmark=]I ended up with doing the writing duties this time around for the "Whats New in Fedora Workstation 34" in Fedora Magazine. Also a lot of thanks to @allanday @FunnelFiasco for help with cleaning it up and getting it published:
What’s new in Fedora Workstation 34

Fedora Magazine: What's new in Fedora Workstation 34 - Fedora Magazine (Christian Fredrik Schaller)


[bookmark=]CentOS Stream 9 Buildsystem is publicly viewable
- details at [/bookmark]

[bookmark=]We're looking for a software engineer to join Red Hat's Cockpit team! [/bookmark]

[bookmark=]Fedora Linux 34 is "go" for next Tuesday![/bookmark]

[bookmark=]You have the power to help make Fedora better. Learn more about how your # powers improvement here:… # #
Something bugging you in Fedora Linux? Let’s get it fixed!

[bookmark=]Got a home lab where you deploy #? Learn how to use the # local plugin to turbocharge it:… # # #
Use the DNF local plugin to speed up your home lab

[bookmark=]Another cool feature coming to # Linux 34 is transparent compression on BTRFS. Read more about it in Fedora Magazine:…

Fedora Workstation 34 feature focus: Btrfs transparent compression

[bookmark=]Have you signed up for the # Linux 34 release party yet? Join Fedora Friends from around the world on April 30 and May 1 to celebrate our upcoming release.…


"[…] Convert2RHEL enables the conversion of select # derivative distributions into a supportable RHEL system, retaining existing applications and configurations. […]"

[bookmark=]Looking at @FedoraIoT or @FedoraCoreOS for your next container based project? Take a look at this Container Plumbing Days presentation with @nullr0ute and myself:…

YouTube: Fedora CoreOS or Fedora IoT (Red Hat Community)


[bookmark=]Still using TFTP in 2021?! What the heck for!?!?!? Life after TFTP is pretty sweet:[/bookmark]

[bookmark=]It's finally possible for any GitHub project to do effective, free, low-effort, and unified upstream/Fedora/CentOS/RHEL testing, thanks to # and # . See how we use that in cockpit now: [/bookmark]