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[bookmark=]Cool: "[…] We intend to continue providing security fixes for 10 years from # 8’s May 2019 release date […] In the near future, we will be distributing the runtime and SDK under terms similar to the Red Hat Universal Base Images (#). […]" #[/bookmark]

[bookmark=]One of the best engineers I know, @redhat's, @gscrivano went home over Christmas Holidays and created crun. An OCI Runtime that allows containers to run with cgroup V2 and experimentation with lots of cool features. @openshift @ibm Read More about it: [/bookmark]

[bookmark=]# 2.0 takes # integration further and auto-updates help to make managing containers even more straightforward. # by @vlntnrthbrg @rhatdan [/bookmark]

[bookmark=]Now available: # Enterprise # 8.3 beta, delivers production stability plus enterprise innovation. Get the details: #


[bookmark=]"[…] would randomly crash […] fully occupied with disk activity […] update to the latest # […] one difference: the UI did not become completely uninteractive […] # the Budget Fair Queue block scheduler […]" # #… (by Linus Walleij)


Used both, YDL on a white iBook, Aurora on a SS10 and 20. Fun times.
YDL still lives on (in spirit) in DNF.

[bookmark=]Container images based on CentOS 8 are now available on Docker Hub:…

These allow you to run the API server with just Docker or Podman.

Thanks @Arrfab for the help !


[bookmark=]The venerable # command has been deprecated for a while. Learn how to use # instead in this Magazine article:… # # #
SCP user’s migration guide to rsync

[bookmark=]# 4.5 arrives, bringing new supported installations:


[bookmark=]There is a very cool feature (In my opinion) That few know about. Buildah and Podman Build support for Overlay Mounts. I wrote a blog to help rectify this. @redhat @ibm @openshift [/bookmark]

[bookmark=]In case you missed my mention of it earlier, "The SELinux Notebook" is now on GH; I'm still very excited about this! -- [/bookmark]

[bookmark=]Fedora is eyeing changing our default filesystem for desktops to btrfs. This is obviously a big deal. Please help us test!… # #
Fedora 33 Btrfs by default Test Day 2020-07-08

[bookmark=]"[…]A window on the 144 Hz monitor will paint at 144 Hz, and # will composite to the monitor at 144 Hz, while a window on the 60 Hz monitor will paint at 60 […]" # wayland #

Quote from "Splitting up the Frame Clock" by Jonas Ådahl…

Splitting up the Frame Clock

[bookmark=]We are positively delighted to finally show off our new website!

HUGE kudos to @AlainReguera and @Arrfab who are primarily responsible for getting this done. [/bookmark]

[bookmark=]Fedora devel mailing list hot topics: modularity and RHEL 9, 105 messages; compressed swap, 148 messages; changing default filesystem for desktops, 175 messages; and ... changing the default text editor to one which has an obvious way to exit, 220 messages.[/bookmark]

[bookmark=]Open source is about community collaboration. Diversity creates stronger communities and inclusion is key to welcoming all community members. Let's work together to make open source more inclusive by eradicating problematic language: [/bookmark]

Once again @fedora is doing something all end-user oriented # distros IMHO should do: deliver new & improved drivers to their latest release regularly.

In this case # 5.7 with all its enhancements and updated drivers is now heading to F32:…