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Quote from the 2nd link: "[…] # folks are complaining that #/# issues too many sync while installing packages and this slows down the image build […] So they are asking for mount options where they can disable sync on overlay mount point. […]"
[bookmark=]Among the overlayfs changes merged for # # 5.10 (… ) are preparations for unprivileged ovl mounts and a "volatile" mode; the latter can improve performance for certain container setups by disabling sync on the overlay. (… ).


[bookmark=]"compose of Fedora-33-20201018.n.0 just finished" - a nightly of the upcoming Fedora 33 just fully completed a compose. Every single artifact produced. This is the first time we have ever done this (it's hard!). Many thanks to everyone who made it happen! #[/bookmark]

Below issue might cause some trouble in #-land:

If the usual pattern holds, the first Fedora releases will likely switch from 5.8 to 5.9 in about three weeks from now (~when 5.8 goes EOL). But sounds like #'s graphics driver by then won't be compatible to 5.9 yet…
[bookmark=]A # employee states their graphics drv will remain incompatible to the recently released # # 5.9 for another month:…

Guess that might be due to to a patch set from C. Hellwig that was discussed here and is in 5.9:…


[bookmark=]If you're reading this, this could include you![/bookmark]

# 5.9.1 and 5.8.16 which fix the # vulnerability are now available in my # vanilla repositories for #:…
[bookmark=]# 5.9.1 and 5.8.16 are out and among other important fixes contain patches to fix the # vulnerability "#".

# 5.4.72, 4.19.152, 4.14.202, 4.9.240, and 4.4.240 are expected to follow soon and will fix the security issue, too.


[bookmark=]Happy to mentor someone that is interested in getting involved in @fedora, kernel maintenance and other related low level OS things. I'm (mostly) London UK based, it will be to some degree limited by my available time.[/bookmark]

And when we started it many moons ago, I got the impression quite a few people expected it to fail pretty quickly…
[bookmark=]Look at these crazy numbers for # EPEL. That's almost three million IP addresses checking in *daily*.


[bookmark=]Look at these crazy numbers for # EPEL. That's almost three million IP addresses checking in *daily*.


[bookmark=]Proud of where I work, this is so good:… # # [/bookmark]

# # 5.9 is now available in my # vanilla repositories for # 31, 32, 33 and 34.…
[bookmark=]See… for some of the highlights of the newly released # # 5.9. has lots of details already; a update with the high level overview is expected in the next few hours.…


[bookmark=]If you're on Fedora, you can run VM-isolated containers the easy way with podman, crun and libkrun, by using this COPR repo. [/bookmark]

Trying to get my head around this - are we using podman to spin up a container that is isolated like a VM ? If so - why?

better isolation; it's not a new idea and something some people seem to want, as Kata Containers, Firecracker, and a few others show

[bookmark=]We are very keen to hear from folks using OpenShift and interested in @ciliumproject!

We have a getting started guide here: [/bookmark]

Looking for the individual patches @fedora applies to its rawhide # #? Then from now on you have to go to… , as they now get squashed into one big patch :-/

Preceding discussion:…


[bookmark=]Interested in writing technical content? Thinking about working at Red Hat? I'm glad to see this video by Susan Carpenter from our docs team. They don't always get the credit they deserve. Great work - Technical Communicators at Red Hat

YouTube: Technical Communicators at Red Hat (Red Hat Videos)


[bookmark=]We want to hear your Fedora story, women and non-binary folks of Fedora! The idea is 20-30 minute casual & interactive sessions on your experience with Fedora or FOSS. Looking forward to learning more about you 😌
Fedora Women’s Day 2020: Call for Participation

# 78.x was committed to the VCS and is now building for # 31, 32 and 33. I thus will likely head to the updates-testing repository in the next few days, before it will be shipped as regular update a bit later.

Richard Fontana from Red Hat writes: "[…] recent developments may strengthen the case[…] to explore improvements to the Open Source Definition […] the OSI might benefit from undertaking a tactical revision effort aimed at preserving and enhancing […]"

# 4.16.0 is out

"[…] New sqlite-based backend […] Powerful macro and %if expressions including ternary operator and native version comparison […] Dependency generation by parametric macros […]"


Release Notes:…

# #RPM

[bookmark=]Fedora 33 beta is here!
Announcing the release of Fedora 33 Beta

[bookmark=]Now available: @Lenovo # with # pre-installed as an option! For more information, check out this announcement and an unboxing video by @mattdm:… # #
Now available: Fedora on Lenovo laptops!